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Teach Your Dog To Stay

Have your dog sit next to you in the heel position. Once he is not excited and is settled down into a relaxed sit, "push" your open hand directly in front of his face as you say stay, and take two or three steps to get right in front of him. Just the action of a hand seeming like it was going to hit him in the face (do not actually make contact!) will shock him and almost push his butt farther onto the ground long enough for him to actually stay put. Only make him stay for a few seconds - not giving him time to move, and say good boy!. He did it. Each time you do this, you can increase the time a little, but don't yet increase your distance. And, don't look him in the eye because it will make him want to leave the position.

After your dog is able to stay nicely for a minute or two, you will start to increase the distance. Stand a little farther back, next time going farther back, and farther still the next time.

Stay will become old hat to him, boring, and easy as pie. Then, put your hand in front of his face while saying stay and walk all the way around him. This one may cause him to try to get up and go with you. If he attempts to get up, say no, sit, and push your hand in front of him again while saying stay. After making him stay for just a short time, say good boy!

Walking around him while he is in the stay position does several things. It definitely makes him keep an eye on you - and you do want him to pay attention to you during the entire training session. Also, this lets him know that he is safe in the stay position - that he doesn't have to be afraid of someone that comes up from the front, side or back of him. Now, the down-stay. Have your dog sit on your left. Say down. Then, say stay! as you push your hand in front of his face. While still holding the leash, take a few steps around to stand in front of him. Don't forget to end with good boy!. Continue this as you did the sit-stay, getting farther and farther away. After he is doing really good at staying in the down position, walk around him while he is lying still. Later, you will even be able to walk over him, showing him he has nothing to fear in this vulnerable position.

Eventually, you will be able to be any distance from him and he will stay for as long as you need him to.

Now that this session is over, you can give him a healthy treat.

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