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Foreword: I like to use both hand signals and vocal signals. You never know when they can come in handy, like, if you want your Rover to be the next movie star.... well, we can dream, can't we?).

Directions: Teaching hand signals is easy. You can try teaching only hand signals from the beginning, although I have found it is hard to keep Rovers attention on you. The easiest method is simply first to teach the trick using a vocal command. Once this is achieved, simply do the hand signal every time you say the command. Rover will soon put the hand signal together with the vocal command and your job is done.

There are many hand signals you can use. Such as opening and closing your hand. Make up some of your own.

But to get you started here are some examples:

1. For SIT, raise index finger and point down.

2. For SPEAK, use the duck or sock puppet hand movement. This just involves touching all your main fingers to your thumb at the same time.

3. For DOWN, with your hand palm side down, raise and lower it.

4. For GO POTTY, use one hand, and put your thumb in between index and middle finger, and then move hand left and right gently.

These are just some examples. The list of hand signals really goes on indefinitely. You can spin a finger, give a thumps up, peace sign...etc. Just make sure the movement is clear and short.


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