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Midwest Dog Crate

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MIDWEST Better Buy Folding Crates ~
This one-piece, value priced folding crate is ideal for light use, or as a back-up for your dog's regular crate.

MIDWEST Corner-Pin Better Buy Crates ~
This value-priced Corner-pin Crate is ideal for light use, or as a back-up to your dog's everyday crate.

MIDWEST Side by Side Folding Van Crates ~
You'll love the versatility of these Side by Side Folding Van Crates from Midwest's Championship collection. They're designed especially to fit comfortably in the rear compartment of most vans and SUV's, so you don't have to try to "make it fit."

Divider Panels for MIDWEST Folding Crates~
Dog Crate Divider Panels are an important component of successful crate training. They're used to adjust the interior size of the crate as your dog grows. For MIDWEST Folding Crates. When choosing a crate for your new puppy, you'll want to select one that will accommodate his full adult size. However, if the crate has too much room inside, your puppy may choose to relieve himself in one corner, and sleep in the other, which defeats one of the important principles of crate training.

MIDWEST Tubular Crate Dolly ~
This rugged Tubular Crate Dolly will make transporting your dog's crate much easier! Long-lasting, 1" steel tube construction is nickel plated for great looks and increased durability. Rolls smoothly on 5" bearing casters rated at 125 lbs each; the front wheels swivel while the rear remain fixed.

Floor Grids for MIDWEST Folding Crates~
These Floor Grids add versatility to your pet's MIDWEST folding crate by allowing you to remove the pan without disturbing the pet. Also adds extra support to the folding crate floor and helps to keep your pet clean and dry, because moisture flows right through. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit most Midwest Folding Crates.

Replacement Pans for MIDWEST Crates ~
These crate pans are made of tough, ABS plastic and designed to withstand years of use. Easy to clean for quick routine maintenance. Choose from our assortment which offers pans for most sizes and style of Midwest Crates.


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