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Bulldog Stud

Welcome to's English Bulldog Stud Service page.
Now Available for stud, our AKC Champion Trimbull Git-R-Done.
We ship
chilled/extended Bulldog Semen overnight.
Below, you will find photos and/or links
for our stud Tyson and puppies sired; plus
pedigree, Bulldog stud service information, fee, and stud contract.
Bulldog Stud: English Bulldog Stud Service

AKC CH Trimbull Git-R-Done "Tyson"

CH Trimbull Git-R-Done Our AKC Champion Bulldog Stud
Tyson Finishes Championship
at only 16 Months
"what hansome young man he was"

Bulldog Stud Fee

Stud fee for Tyson is $600 and includes 2 collections. We will provide the chilled semen shipping boxes and ask that you return them by regular mail. Overnight shipping charges very
Bulldog Stud Questions E-Mail
Call toll free 919-671-9224

Stud Service Guaranteed!
If your female doesn't take,ia repeat stud service will be given to the same female within one year of the first breeding.
(please read our stud contract for full details)


Bulldog Stud

Champion Bulldog for Stud
Tyson on vacation at Stone Mountain GA

Champion Bulldog For Stud: CH Trimbull Git-R-Done "Tyson"

Tyson is fawn brindle & white, with a nice thick coat. He has excellent confirmation, weighing 57 pounds
with a deep brisket and nice bone. He has dark, beautiful clear eyes, with a nice layback and jaw.

Tyson is very energetic, playful, and athletic. He loves to run and play with any toy he can get a hold of. At home playing keep away from the other dogs is his favorite game. In the ring, his movement is one of his finest assets!

Tyson enjoys perfect health, with no know allergies or genetic defects of any kind. He is always in a good mood and ready to play! Tyson mild tempered and very enjoyable to be around.

Most of Tyson's championship points, including his 2 majors, came from breeder judges. Which says a lot about his confirmation to the breed standard. Tyson's 5 generation pedigree is 74% champions! You can view a photo of many of the dogs in Tyson's pedigree by clicking the small camera icon.


Hilary: Tyson daughter at 18 months

Champion Bulldog Stud - English BullDog Stud Service
Champion Sugarbulls My Heart Belongs To Daddy
"Grumpy": Tyson son at 2 years old. (stud service available)



Watch Tyson In Action!


Litter of 7 Puppies sired by our Bulldog Stud
Litter of 7 beautiful bulldog puppies sired by Tyson from chilled semen. Photo by Heather Raglan
Just A Few Of the Puppies Sired By Tyson
Tyson Bulldog Puppy
Tyson Bulldog Puppy
Tyson Bulldog Puppy
Tyson Bulldog Puppy
Tyson Bulldog Puppy

Tyson keeping a close eye on his babies!!

Here are Some Photos of Chilled Semen Bulldog Litters Sired by Tyson


Very helpful information: Maximizing Conception Rates Using Fresh, Cooled, or Frozen Canine Semen

Request Stud Service

For information about all our dogs please visit

AKC Bulldog Stud Service from proven Champion Stud

Bulldog Stud Questions E-Mail
Phone 919-671-9224

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