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Discount Prices On RELIEF Creme Rinse by DVM Pharmaceuticals

RELIEF Creme Rinse

By DVM Pharmaceuticals

Relief Creme Rinse is an antipruritic formulation is useful for itching, flaking (dandruff) conditions. Soothes and provides maximum moisturization to affected areas. Contains Omega-6 fatty acids for dermal renourishing effects along with Oatmeal and Pramoxine for rapid and prolonged relief of itching discomfort. Hypo-allergenic.
Discount Prices On RELIEF Creme Rinse

RELIEF Creme Rinse by DVM Pharmaceuticals
For Dogs And Cats

RELIEF Creme Rinse by DVM Pharmaceuticals The Colloidal Oatmeal and Pramoxine Hydrochloride in Relief Creme Rinse are for the palliation of itching occurring in a wide variety of dermatologic syndromes. Relief Creme Rinse, formulated in a quaternary-based, anti-static vehicle containing moisturizers, emollients, coat conditioners and Omega-6 fatty acids for dermal renourishing. Relief Creme rinse may be rinsed off or left on for residual activity.



Manufacture Discontinue
Please note that DVM Pharmaceuticals was closed by the FDA and all of there products are unavailable.
We highly recommend Epi-Soothe as a cost effective alternative!




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