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Electronic Pet Fence

Proper pet containment is essential. Responsible pet ownership starts with keeping your pet safely at home. PetSafe Radio Fence Pet Containment System provides your pet with freedom and safety while costing thousands less than conventional fencing. It’s quick and easy to install, reliable and safe, and with proper training, a very effective solution. Be sure to take a look at the new Instant Fence from PetSafe it is the first electronic pet containment system with instant installation. You will love an pet fence!

Indoor Pet Containment System from PetSafe

Stationary Bark Control by Petsafe
Place the Stationary Bark Control unit in any room of the home where barking is an issue. When the unit hears the dog bark, it emits a loud, ultrasonic sound to interrupt the dog. Uses one 9-volt battery (sold separately) which lasts up to six months or 2,000 activations. Light flashes to indicate low battery.



PetSafe Instant Fence System

 PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence by Radio Systems
Offering safety and portability, the new Instant Fence from PetSafe is the first electronic containment system with instant installation. If you can plug in a cord, you can install Instant Fence: no unattractive poles to set up and no wires to bury. When your pet leaves the area, he receives a mild correction until he returns - which means it's escape-proof. And since Instant Fence is completely portable, you can take it and your pet wherever you go. So your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease.

The Instant Fence operates using the same principles as an underground fence, yet is completely wireless. The system sets up in an instant and is completely portable, so it's great for travel or when you move into a new home. Instant Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a "stay zone". The signal is picked up by the receiver collar worn on your dog.

Radio Pet Containment Fence

 PetSafe Standard Radio Fence Pet Containment System
This easy to do yourself system is the perfect alternative to expensive conventional fences. Also available is the Wite and Flag Accessory Kit (Includes an extra 500 feet of boundry wire and 50 flags) to extend the coverage area of your system.

PETSAFE Deluxe Radio Fence System
This easy, do-it-yourself system lets pets roam freely in the outdoor space you designate. The lightweight, 1.5 oz receiver collar fits necks 12 - 20 inches, and can operate up to six months on one set of batteries. The thorough how-to installation video also shows you how to properly install the sytem and train your pets. Includes 500 ft of wire (covers approx. 1/3 acre, additional boundary kits needed for areas over 1/2 acre), 50 flags, patented UltraLight receiver collar with short and long probes, adjustable transmitter, batteries, manual and video.

 PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence System
The In-Ground Cat Fence keeps your cat safely in your yard.

 Above Ground Electric Fence Kit
This Fence Kit delivers a mild but memorable correction and breaks bad habbits without injuring animals.

 Extra In-Ground Deluxe Little Dog Fence Receiver
An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they are wearing a PetSafe In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar.

 PetSafe Comfort-Fit Deluxe Little Dog In-Ground Fence System
This system is safe and effective for all hard-to-train pets up to 55lbs.

 PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Radio Fence System
This system is safe and effective for all hard-to-train pets.

 High Tech Pet Humane Contain Electronic Dog Fence
Advanced electronic fence system from High Tech Pet features state of the art technology that provides gradual electronic stimulation for quick, humane training.

 Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence and Receiver for Dogs & Cats
The Sound Barrier keeps your pets out of areas they don't belong. Just put the transmitter collar (sold separately)


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