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Enacard is an ACE-inhibitor that decreases the formation of compounds and hormones that constrict blood vessels in animals with heart and vascular disease.


(enalapril maleate)

Dogs treated with ENACARD show significant improvements that you can see and appreciate in 2 to 4 weeks. They cough less, eat more, and become more active. These improvements are maintained over time. Dogs receiving ENACARD survive longer (92%)and have a better quality of life. More details

Discount Enacard For Heart Failure In Dogs

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Enacard By Merial

Enacard By Merial

Enacard is indicated for the treatment of mild, moderate or severe heart failure in dogs. Enacard helps the heart beat more efficiently, prevents fluid build-up in the lungs, lowers blood pressure, improves ability to tolerate exercise..
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Enacard 2.5mg 30 Tables: Product Currently Unavailable
Enacard 5.0mg 30 Tables: Product Currently Unavailable
Enacard 20mg 30 Tables: Product Currently Unavailable


Enacard Information

Enacard, the World's leading ACEi in both veterinary and human medicine.


Enacard contains enalapril, and belongs to a group of heart drugs called ACE-inhibitors. Enalapril was one of the first drugs shown to make dogs with heart disease live longer and not just better.

Enacard reduces the work that the failing heart has to do, improving the circulation to important organs such as the lungs, brain and kidneys. Enalapril has been the number one choice of both human and veterinary cardiologists worldwide for two decades.

Enacard Offers:

- An exceptional safety record with over 80 million doses having been administered to dogs since it's introduction

- Unsurpassed levels of efficacy.

- More successful outcomes in real life situations than any other ACEi.

Enacard Side Effects:

- Nausea, appetite loss, or diarrhea are sometimes observed with this medication. In some patients, these effects are severe enough to preclude the use of enalapril.

- In some patients, blood pressure can drop too low as the peripheral blood vessels are dilated. This manifests as listlessness and lethargy. Often the dose of enalapril can be modified should this side effect occur.

- Enalapril may lead to elevations in potassium blood levels. Trademark
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