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Dog Aspirin For Arthritis Pain

Dog AspirinVetrin - Dog Aspirin In Chewable Roast Beef-Flavored Tablets

Vetrin - Canine Aspirin

Dog Aspirin For Arthritis Pain

Vetrin dog aspirin for pain associated with injuries, arthritis,
surgery and/or hip dysplasia. Chewable roast beef-flavored canine pain relief tablets with aspirin Helps relieve inflammation. Available in 100 mg,100 tablet size for small and medium breeds and 325 mg, 100 tablet size for large and giant breeds

Vetrin - Chewable Aspirin For Dogs - Beef Flavor
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Vetrin by Farnam - Aspirin For Dogs

Canine aspirin arthritis pain relief in a chewable roast beef flavored tablet your dogs will love. Snap and chew treat size for toy and small breeds (dogs only.) Use for relief of pain, fever, and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint problems. Active ingredient: aspirin.Vetrin, with aspirin as the active ingredient, relieves pain and reduces inflammation in dogs. Dog aspirin for the treatment of injuries, muscle strain, or following surgery to treat pain and stiffness. Safe and effective for chronic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. Chewable roast beef-flavored tablets are for canine use only. Use 100 mg tablets for small to medium breeds, 325 mg for large to giant breeds. 100 tablets.

Vetrin - Dog Aspirin - Beef Flavor Chewable Tablets 100mg: Best Price: $15.85 Buy It!


Vetrin - Dog Aspirin In Chewable Roast Beef-Flavored Tablets

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