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Dog Shedding

Control Excessive Dog Shedding

Shed Guard Supplement Excessive Dog Shedding

Shed Guard Supplement Reduces Problem Dog SheddingDog Shedding

Shed Guard chewable tablets effectively reduce excessive shedding and promotes healthy skin and a radiant coat. These tablets are specially designed to be a delicious treat for your pet. Stop cleaning up unwanted pet hair, give your dog a treat that will reduce the shedding in dogs, and bring back it’s radiant coat.

Tired of cleaning up and vacuuming excessive dog hair? Dog owners’ number one complaint year after year is the mess caused by pet hair and dander. You may not be the only one suffering. Chances are your dog is enduring discomfort and pain from excessive shedding.
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Shed-Stop Granules For Dog, Reduces Dog Shedding!

Shed-Stop Granules For Dog, Reduces Dog Shedding!

Mrs. Allen’s SHED-STOP® DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS® • Stops Excessive Dog Shedding • Veterinarian Recommended • Natural Ingredients • Eliminates Daily Cleaning/Vacuuming • Produces Beautiful Coats • With Antioxidants & Vitamins • Optimal Omega 6:3 Ratios

Dog shedding problem? Tired of all the hair on your furniture, carpet, and clothes? Recommended by veterinarians, SHED-STOP can reduce or eliminate nonseasonal shedding and supply the nutrition your dog needs for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Safe and effective, SHED-STOP is made of natural ingredients that work without disturbing the animal’s natural seasonal shedding. Stop shedding now!
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