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Canine Cooler Pet Bed Thermoregulating

Keep your dog cool this summer with a Canine Cooler Pet Bed!

Canine Cooler Pet Bed! Keep your dog cool this summer with a Canine Cooler Pet Bed!

With the new Canine Cooler Pet Bed, your dog can have ultimate comfort in the form of the coolest and the softest spot in the house!! Dogs love its soft, cool, and dry sensation! 

Canine Cooler Pet Bed Award

The Canine Cooler Pet Bed is the most comfortable, most innovative, and most extraordinary dog product. SoothSoftT Comfort Technology creates a dry, room temperature cooling effect, together with an unparalleled supportive element due to the nature of its fluid-based design. Yet it's more than simply a dog bed-it's a canine cooler comfort device. The Canine Cooler pad is ongoing healthy therapy for the animal. It is superb at comforting dogs with bad joints, bad hips, skin disorders, or other health conditions in which a soft, cooling effect would be desirable. The bed is maintenance- free and easily wiped clean. Fleas cannot burrow or lay eggs in this bed. The Canine Cooler has a two year warranty, which is not offered with any other foam/fabric type bed. Proudly made in America at an ISO 9001 facility.


The Canine Cooler is Puncher Proof!

The Canine Cooler is puncture proof!

Canine Cooler

See this 5,000 lb truck run over an over inflated Canine Cooler Pet Bed! The bed was completely undamaged. 
See this 5,000 lb truck run over an over 
inflated Canine Cooler Pet Bed! The bed 
was completely undamaged. 

How The Canine Cooler Pet Bed Works!

Canine Cooler, make dog cooler!

The engine in your car is cooled by water, and a radiator. Cool water flows to the hot engine, where the water absorbs the heat. Then this heated water passes thru the radiator, where it loses its' heat back to the air. The water is now cooled, and can repeat the process, keeping your engine cool and running smoothly.

The Canine Cooler Pet Bed acts as a radiator for your dog. It has tremendous cooling power- without refrigeration, it feels like that cold tile floor on your bare feet. It readily absorbs heat from your dog, and loses this heat back to the surrounding air. Your pet enjoys a lasting, dry, and powerful cooling sensation!

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