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Baytril Otic Drops

Baytril-Otic Drops is an antibiotic used to treat many types of infections caused by susceptible bacteria in dogs and cats.

Due to its unique combination of active ingredients, Baytril Otic provides antimicrobial coverage against the microbial pathogens (bacteria, yeast and fungi) commonly encountered in cases of acute and chronic canine otitis externa. Since each active constituent functions by distinct antimicrobial mechanisms, the development of bacterial resistance should, theoretically, be minimized. Baytril Otic is non-steroidal yet soothing; silver sulfadiazine is known to promote re-epithelialisation and thereby facilitate healing.
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Baytril Otic Drops 15ml and 30ml for dogs and cats

Baytril-Otic medication may be used in either dogs or cats to combat different types of infections, especially those involving Pseudomonas. Enrofloxacin is also active against Staphylococci, and thus is commonly used for infections of the skin.

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Baytril Otic Drops 15 ml bottle Product Currently Unavailable
Baytril Otic Drops 30 ml bottle Product Currently Unavailable
Baytril Antibiotic tablets for cats and dogs

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Baytril-Otic Information

Generic Name: Enrofloxacin

Brand Name(s): Baytril-Otic (Bayer)

Indications: Baytril Otic is indicated as a treatment for acute and chronic canine otitis externa complicated by
bacterial and fungal pathogens susceptible to enrofloxacin and/or silver sulfadiazine

Method of Administration: Tilt head so that affected ear is presented in horizontal orientation. Administer a sufficient quantity of Baytril Otic to coat the aural lesions and the external auditory canal. As a guide;
- dogs <16 kg 5-10 drops per treatment;
- dogs >16 kg 10-15 drops per treatment.
Treat twice daily, for a duration of up to 14 days.
Following treatment, gently massage the ear so as to ensure complete and uniform distribution of the
medication throughout the external ear canal.
The precise duration of treatment varies and is dependent upon the specific factors in each case.

Baytril Otic Side Effects: During clinical trials, 2 of 113 (1.7%) dogs exhibited reactions that could have possibly resulted from treatment with Baytril Otic. Both cases displayed local, mild, hypersensitivity responses of the aural
epithelium to some component within the Baytril Otic formulation Trademark
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