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Bark Control Collars

Barking dog problem? need help?...Here are some of the finest no bark collars on the market. A Petsafe bark control collar will help stop dog from barking.We also have electronic bark collar from Innotek and Radio Systems. How about this the Citronella bark collar? A dog training anti bark collar is the most effective way train your dog. We also offer a selection of about dog behavoir and training.

PetSafe Comfort-Fit Bark Control Collar
Excessive barking can cause a real strain on the pet parent/pet relationship, and cause coutless neighborhood squabbles. These collars help.

PetSafe Big Dog Bark Control Collar
Effectively and humanely stops nuisance barking with ten levels of static correction. Ideal for dogs 40lbs and over.

PetSafe Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control
Decorative outdoor bark deterrent. Looks like a bird house, but emits an ultrasonic sound that deters nuisance barking for up to 50 feet.

PetSafe Dog Bark Control Collar Kit
Bark control dog collar system includes everything you need to get started.

PetSafe Stationary Bark Control
Creates a bark free zone for one or more dogs. Emits a loud, ultrasonic sound which startles the dog to interrupt the barking.

PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar
Inhibits nuisance barking with delf adjusting correction with nano technology to make it the smallest bark collar currently available. For dogs up to 55lbs.

Multivet Anti-Bark Spray Collar Deluxe - Scentless
Stops excessive barking
using a comination of modern electronics and safe painless dog training modification teqniques.

Spray Refill for PetSafe Bark Control Collar
Refill spray for use with the PetSafe Spray Bark Control Collar system.


Citronella Bark Dog Collars by Premier Pet Products
This unique bark control collar is equipped with an electronic bark-sensing unit, the adjustable collar releases a brisk citronella spray when the dog barks. The harmless citrus smell and quick action of the spray mist startles and confuses the pet's highly developed olfactory sense, causing him to stop barking. Collar adjusts to fit necks up to 25". Spray will not function under 25 degrees F.

PetSafe Deluxe Spray Bark Control Collar
Effectively and humanely stoips nuisance barking with a burst of lemon-scented spray. This deluxe system offers the smallest spray bark control collar available.

 Super Barker Breaker
The Barker Breaker has a built-in microphone tuned to the sound of your dog's bark. When your dog barks, it emits a loud correction to startle the dog so he stops barking. Automatically stops and resets itself after each auditory correction, or use manually

Innotek Free Spirit No Bark Collar
Self-contained collar discourages nuisance barking without the need for remote controls.

PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar
A simple way to safely train your dog.

Books that might help with understanding and training your barking dog.
Barking: Simple Solutions
From the publisher of Dog Fancy, the world’s most widely read dog magazine, the Simple Solutions series tackles pooch problems one at a time. From Barking and Chewing, to Digging and House-Training, these books offer a humorous look at how to prevent and correct ordinary doggie dilemmas. Easy-to-follow tips and amusing illustrations make these books informative as well as entertaining.
Good Owners Great Dogs
A student of the renowned British trainer, Barbara Woodhouse, reveals the secrets of lifetime behavioral dog training techniques and provides information on everything from canine dietary needs to termperament testing.

As related to barking: barking for attention, at a cane or crutch, car travel, doorbell, excessive, at sounds, when left alone, when tied up.
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
This indispensable guide shows dog owners how to correct over 30 specific problem behaviors--including housebreaking failures, excessive barking, destructive chewing, fighting, jumping, and biting--with clearly explained behavior modification techniques and proven prevention tips. 78 photos. Pages 33-44 cover reasons for barking including: improper confinement, tethering, crating, outside distractions, mechanical noises, time of day, environmental sounds, separation anxiety, hunger, the previous home, over agressiveness, strong territorial feelings, temperament, lack of exercise, genetics.
Dog Problems
Carol Lea Benjamin, dog trainer extraordinaire and author of five books devoted to dog behavior, shares her expertise in managing unruly canines in Dog Problems. One quarter of America's 55 million pooches suffer from some form of serious behavioral problem, and for all those frustrated owners, Benjamin's down-to- earth, humane approach provides practical steps toward owning a healthy, happy pet. Dog Problems outlines every conceivable canine problem, from petty larceny to chronic leg lifting and fear of random objects. Benjamin offers easily executable training methods for each predicament.
People, Pooches and Problems
Hardened canine criminals meet their match in Evans, who here outlines methods and philosophies likely to reform a rogue's gallery of aggressive, unresponsive, non-house-trained animals marauding as man's best friends. With his flexible and good-humored approach, Evans teaches how to develop proper leadership attitudes toward a dog as well as how to prevent or stamp out problems. The standout section here is the author's 20-step ``Radical Regimen for Recalcitrant Rovers,'' which has been privately making the rounds of the nation's top trainers with impressive results.
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