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Andis Clippers
Andis Animal, Pet & Dog Clippers / Trimmers

Andis Clippers for animal, pet and dog. Get professional grooming results at home with Andis clippers. The Andis pet clippers kit includes everything you need to trim and touch-up your pet at home between professional grooming sessions. Andis clippers for professional quality and reliability. Also replacement blades for Andis clippers.
Andis Clippers, Andis Hair Clippers, Andis Trimmers

Andis AGC Professional 7 Piece Clipper Kit
Seven piece clipper kit comes with everything you need to get professinoal results.

Andis 8 Piece Large Clipper Comb Set
This eight piece large clipper comb set is for use with Andis detachable clippers and most other brands.

Andis QuietAire Dryer with Stand
1875-watt dryer is designed with twin fans and unique noise reduction channels.

Andis Super Deluxe Dog Clipper
A high-power clipper with 4 times the power of a comparable magnetic motor clipper.

Andis Safe T-Light Illuminating Trimmer
The first illuminating animal trimmer has fual beam LED's for safer, more precise trimming.

More Grooming Clippers and Trimmers

Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2 Speed Animal Clipper
Professional 2-speed small animal clipper with a detachable size 10 UltraEdge blade.

Andis Power Trim Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer D-4
Convenient, cordless trimmer is fully rechargeable and features stainless steel blades for precistion trimming and professional results.

Andis Replacement Blades
Hand sharpened, high carbon steel for superior cutting.

Andis Pro Dog Clipper Kit
This complete gromming kit is perfect for complete home grooming of dogs of all types.

Andis AGC Two-Speed Heavy Duty Dog Clipper
Dual-speed clipper handles even heavy coats. Includes #10 blade.

Andis Clipper and Trimmer Cleaner and Maintenance

Andis Cool Care Plus
5 in 1 spray to cool, disinfect, lubricate, clean and prevent rust on clipper blades.

Clipper Blade Maintenance by Oster
Enhance the life of your grooming tools and keep clippers safe and sanitary with these products. Choose from formulas to clean, lubricate and cool all types of clippers and blades. Trademark
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