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York Chocolate Cat

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Description Of The York Chocolate Cat Breed

Weight: 14-16 lbs.

Overall Appearance - The York Chocolate is a medium to large cat, big-boned and muscular. Some Siamese ancestry is assumed, as the head is a rounded wedge, longer than it is wide. The large, pointed ears tilt forward; the almond-shaped eyes may be green, gold, or hazel. Yorks are solid or bicolored in chocolate or lilac. The medium-long, glossy coat is silky and close-lying, with a thin undercoat that is not prone to matting. Yorks have a plumed tail, toe tufts, and a modest neck ruff.

Personality -The York is a true lap cat, one that is happy to be held and cuddled. This is not to imply that Yorks are sedate and docile; in fact they are active, intelligent, and curious, constantly monitoring the activities of their owners.

Breed Fact - The owner of a New York State goat dairy had a farm cat named Blackie that in 1983 presented her with a litter of kittens. One of these kittens, named Brownie, had her own litter of kittens, and so appeared a longhaired black male named Minky. Minky and Brownie produced Teddy Bear and Cocoa. Their owner, who was running out of names for brown cats, noticed a consistency in body and coat type among the kittens and initiated a breeding program.


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