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Siamese Cat

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Description Of The Siamese Cat Breed

Weight: 7-9 lbs.

Color - Siamese are pointed cats that come in seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac.

Eyes - Vivid deep blue

Appearance - Not just a color pattern, however gorgeous, the Siamese is a study in length. The earliest breed standards prescribe a long, wedge head and elongated bodylines. The muscular, tubular body is supported by long legs and graced by a long neck and tail. The short, close, silky coat emphasizes this length of line. The long Siamese head is delineated by an absolutely straight profile, smooth wedge, large ears that complete that wedge, and deep blue, almond shaped eyes set on a slant.

Personality - This ancient breed, perhaps the oldest of all our pedigreed cats, is able to communicate like no other. The Siamese voice is legendary, and they do like to talk. They are the quintessential "people" cat, for they love to be in your lap, on your bed, at your table... in your heart!

Interesting Breed Fact - Having been nurtured and protected within temple walls for centuries, a fact documented in art and literature, the Siamese became known to the rest of the world through the royal family of Siam. What better gift to present to a visiting dignitary than these beautiful native treasures? This is exactly the way this breed became known outside the borders of what we now call Thailand.


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