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Nebelung Cat

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Description Of The Nebelung Cat Breed

Weight: 6-8 lbs.

Overall Appearance - The Nebelung is a long, fine-boned, graceful cat. Round green eyes are prominently featured on a triangular head with a blunt muzzle and erect, widely spaced ears. The Nebelung's lustrous, silver-tipped gray coat is one of its most distinctive features. Its fluffy tail distinguishes the breed from the Russian Blue.

Personality - Owners describe them as shy yet affectionate. They've also been described as somewhat flighty, perhaps not the best quality in a cat if you have children. Nebelungs are sprightly cats; many will retrieve objects and some reportedly can open doors. They love to drink water from faucets.

Breed Fact - The Nebelung, essentially a longhaired Russian Blue, is named for the luminous quality of its silver-tipped coat: Nebelung is German for "creature of the mist." Nebelung are intelligent cats, well mannered and fastidious, with quiet voices to match their gentle demeanor. In the 1980s in the United States, a Russian Blue male was crossed with a female that carried the longhair gene. The foundation stock for the new longhaired breed, the Nebelung, was taken from two litters of that cross.


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