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Himalayan Cat

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Description Of Himalayan Cat Breed

Weight: 9-12 lbs.

Overall Appearance - The Himalayan is a medium to large cat with a short, compact body; short, thick legs; and a short, thick tail. These cats have the typically Persian broad face, snub nose, rounded ears set low on the head, and large, vividly blue eyes. As with other Persians, Himalayans have a voluminous coat of long, dense fur that covers the entire animal, from ear tuft to toe tuft. A gorgeously showy neck ruff lends a regal quality to their demeanor.Especially distinctive are the contrasting points, which may be solid, tortoiseshell, or lynx. Body color ranges from white to beige.

Personality - The Himalayan, a Persian cat with Siamese coat colors, borrows heavily from the Persian side. This is a gentle, docile breed that copes quite well with children and other animals. Himalayans are, for the most part, quiet creatures that rarely vocalize. However, their strong voices, when used, may remind you that there is indeed Siamese in the gene pool.

Breed Fact - In the 1920s, breeders from several countries attempted to create a cat with all the attributes of the Persian coupled with the distinctive color-point markings of the Siamese. They were somewhat successful, but it wasn't until the 1950s that persevering breeders in California and Great Britain achieved the success that resulted in a new breed, the Himalayan.


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