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So many bulldog questions, dog questions and puppy questions..... Welcome to our bulldog Frequently Asked Questions page! Here we have answers to many dog FAQ; as well as, english bulldog behavior questions and other general dog information.

English Bulldog FAQ

Have Questions About Your New English Bulldog Puppy?.... We have answers to some common questions about bulldogs and Bulldog puppies!

Why Do Bulldogs Cost So Much?

If your first question is PRICE.maybe this is not the breed that you should be looking into.In order to breed HIGH QUALITY and HEALTHY bulldogs it is NOT cheap!
There is a great deal of time, effort and expense involved in raising a Bulldog litter. Without going into too much detail, it can cost $2000-$3000 to breed, deliver and raise a litter, without consideration for the time invested. The average litter size is 4. Getting the female ready for breeding requires pre-breeding testing, ovulation testing, etc. - approxiamtly 3 trips to the vet. Then the female is usually artificially inseminated, another 3 trips to the vet, not to mention the expense for the semen/stud service which is $500 and up. Then you wait 4 weeks for an ultrasound and/or x-rays. (It is important to be sure the female is pregnet). Special diets and constant monitoring for the next 5 weeks, plus getting the nursery getting with heating pads, bottles, blankets, medical supplies, milk replacer, puppy scale, and the list goes on and on. Then comes the C-section which can cost upwards of $500 assuming she went into labor DURING regular office hours and all went well. Females produce only 2 -3 litters. This is a special breed which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age. In spite of their appearance the Bulldog, as a newborn puppy is extremely fragile. It requires constant monitoring of the puppies (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Bulldogs don't make the best mothers because they may lay on a puppy on accident and not even realize it. The puppies are normally checked by the vet at least 4 times during their first 8 weeks, uncluding wormings and puppy shots. It is a breed that requires MAXIMUM effort on the part of the breeder to make sure that all the puppies turn out healthy.
The whole procedure is VERY costly.You will find that most breeders range their pet bullys around the $1800.mark. Beware of "great deals" and "cheap puppies", they may cost you alot more in the end - not just money, but heartache too!

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